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The American Association of the Deafblind AADB is a national consumer organization of, by, and for deaf-blind Americans and their supporters. "Deaf-blind" includes all types and degrees of dual vision and hearing loss. Our membership consists of deaf-blind people from diverse backgrounds, as well as family members, professionals, interpreters, and other interested supporters.


The National Consortium on Deafblindness

The National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB) works collaboratively with families, federal, state and local agencies to provide technical assistance, information and personnel training. NCDB brings together the resources of three agencies with long histories of expertise in the field of deaf-blindness: The Teaching Research Institute (TRI) at Western Oregon University, Helen Keller National Center, and Hilton/Perkins Program, Perkins School for the Blind.


New England Center Deafblind Project The New England Center Deafblind Project (NEC) provides technical assistance to children who are deafblind in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as well as to their families and educational programs.


Perkins Deafblind Program

Perkins School of the Blind's Deafblind Program offers a variety of curriculum options to both day and residential students from age three to 22 who are deafblind with or without additional disabilities as well as students who are deaf with additional disabilities.



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